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Same Great Team. Just a New Name

Over the summer, Wachusett Storm took over Greenwood Memorial Swim Club. We're still the same great team, but we've changed our name and took on new swimmers. Check us out at

Interested in Competitive Swimming? Check out Wachusett Storm.

If your child is interested in competitive swimming, then Wachusett Storm is a great option. New swimmers are encouraged to swim for two weeks FREE before registering. Contact: Pam Deveny at

4th of July Memorial Swim Meet - New Hampshire

About WSSC

Formed in the summer of 2005, the Wachusett Storm Swim Club consists of swimmers aged 6 to 19 interested in pursuing swimming as a competitive sport.

The Wachusett Storm helps young people grow to be healthy, well-adjusted adults through lessons learned in competitive swimming. Each swimmer's highest potential is reached through their dedication and hard work. Coaching emphasis is on expertise in all four strokes, physical strength, and conditioning.

The Storm is devoted to the character development as well as the physical development of each swimmer. By allowing our swimmers to work toward goals, risk and endure failing, and share in the thrill of victory, more important life lessons are learned. Perseverance and the courage to try will help Storm swimmers through life's more difficult challenges in years to come.

Swimmers of all abilities residing in north central Massachusetts and the Monadnock and south central regions of New Hampshire are encouraged to join the Storm family.
Our team is part of the Worcester County Swim League, one of the oldest consecutive ongoing swim leagues in the country. Meets are excellent opportunities for new swimmers to start competing. Swimmers are also part of USA Swimming, which is made up of swimmers across the country from the age group level to the Olympic Team, as well as coaches and volunteers.

Meet Our Swimmers

Which of our swimmers wants to be country musician? Find out by checking our Meet Our Swimmers section of our website.